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Literature Necklaces

From Trend Hunter:

Violeta Hernando is an artist based in Spain who sells beautiful mini book necklaces on her Bunnyhell Etsy shop.

These miniature book necklaces feature first edition cover designs of such notable and iconic works of literature like Lolita, The Great Gatsby, Moby Dick, Jane Eyre, Dorian Gray, The Old Man and the Sea, Rosemary’s Baby and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. All of these mini book necklaces are handmade using cardboard, paper, a golden chain and varnish.

Click here to see more Literature Necklaces!

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My cat looks a bit like Grimalkin from the Iron Fey series, which is great because i love Grimalkin 

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Books by Rainbow Rowell

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Books and Cupcakes July Book Photo Challenge

Day 16: Favorite book fandom

I’ve met so many great people thanks to those books!

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